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On a wedding day, a bride should become a big star shining both with happiness and her gorgeous appearance. To make a fairy tale come true achieving perfectness in decor, costumes, hairstyle, makeup, and accessories is a must. And what if not a lovable headpiece can adorn your look and make it respective to a queen! TopGracia has been founded with the sheer intention to make every bride the queen of her groom, the mistress of her wedding day! Our exquisite hair decorations perfectly transfer the whole devotion and passion we invest in every little model we create. All our headpieces can transform your look from a simple to a majestic bridal! And MIA is just that type of an adornment! This purple lilac wedding hairpiece is an embodiment of sophisticated beauty. It's exactly the model that most brides will be delighted about. Let's have a closer look at the hairpiece.


The Purple Beauty

TopGracia's talented designers invested so much in the creation of MIA that it couldn't have become less impressive than it is. Incorporating exceptionally the finest materials, we have implemented our idea into reality. The flowers are made of durable, yet so soft fabric that they seem to be real. Featuring three purple and a single lilac flower with dazzling crystal centerpieces, the accessory looks adorable. The blooms are surrounded with branches of metal leaves and crystals in marquise-cut and round forms. The entire model is made on silver jewelry wire. The latter is very strong and reliable. Yet, at the same time, the accessory doesn't feel heavy or uncomfortable when fastened to a hairstyle. The moment you hold the headpiece, you will immediately perceive its quality and expert craftsmanship. The tiniest details are made with an amazing accurateness while every rhinestone is immaculate in its wholeness and gleaming. All together, MIA seems as if crafted especially for a graceful princess and that princess can be you!


How to Create a MIA-Worthy Hairstyle

It is definitely worth to pick up a hairstyle suiting this purple lilac wedding hairpiece and not vice versa. Once you get your parcel and take out your lovely hair adornment, you will forget about any hairstyle you have thought of before.
Nevertheless, MIA is made in such an interesting way, that it will go perfectly with almost any classic bridal hairstyle. If your bridal image is formal and you plan to collect your hair into a high elegant updo, fasten the accessory below the bun. A stunning image is guaranteed!


For more romantic brides, TopGracia suggests creating a low messy down-do to fix the accessory from the top of it. Just imagine how sensual and adorable you will look!
If you dream of wearing a bridal veil, MIA will only enrich your look. Just make sure it is set correctly. For this, style your hair the way you wish (preferably into a bun), slide in the veil, and tuck the adornment over the top. Fix the result with a couple of hairpins.


And finally, as a real queen needs a crown, let MIA be yours. Whether you want your hair made into a bun or let it fall cascading your back, using this headpiece as a crown will complete your whole luxurious appearance.

What hairstyle to make is your choice, yet let the industry experts advise you a magnificent head ornament for your big day!


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