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Let LILY Violet Bridal Hair Piece Make You a Romantic Bride 

Every girl is a princess deep in the bottom of her heart. And every bride, even being a powerful and ambitious woman, desires romanticism and delicacy when her big day approaches. Love softens the heart, makes one's soul hover with lightness. A bride acquires a charming graceful look and needs a respective attire. LILY is just that type of a bridal headpiece - capable of beautifying any hairstyle it is used on. Delicate and gentle, exquisite and one-of-kind... This model will take your breath away, so beautiful it is! 

However, the mere graceful appearance is not the only advantage of LILY violet bridal hair piece. Its excellent craftsmanship is eye-catching, as well. From every little detail, you can feel what a meticulous approach TopGracia's designers showed to its creation. Obtaining this hair adornment, you are gaining a high-quality model that won't lose its colors and gleaming even years after use. LILY is a lifetime treasure that not only you but your younger sister or even daughter will cherish when the time comes. Make it a family heritage since your little girl will love getting the charming headpiece her mother wore on her wedding day. 

How Its Made

For creating this violet bridal hair piece, TopGracia has picked up only highly durable and bendable jewelry wire. As a result, the accessory turned out strong, reliable, and at the same time lightweight. We did everything so that you don't get tired or feel any discomfort while wearing it during both the ceremony and celebration. 

The accessory is made in the shape of a bridal tiara. LILY is made in silver coloring and incorporated with branches of metal leaves. In the center, you will see two flowers of lilac and white colors. Two smaller ones again in lilac hue are from either side of the central blooms. They are very charming made of firm fabric. Their centerpieces are crystal flowers. The composition is also adorned with branches of marquise-cut and little round rhinestones. The silver hue looks adorable with the lilac and white blooms. They seem to be an inseparable ensemble, perfectly crafted for exquisite women. 

Versatile LILY

Whether you have already made up your mind what hairstyle you will have on your wedding or you are to determine, yet, LILY is sure to suit it perfectly. Let's see how versatile this model is and how you can incorporate it to your bridal appearance. 

Are you going to appear in vintage attire on your nuptials? Perhaps you are thinking about elegant short curls, aren't you? Just go the way you've planned and fasten the violet bridal hair piece by TopGracia on top of your head like a crown. It will add a touch of glamour to your vintage style making it absolutely timeless. 

A romantic updo is one of the eternal wedding hairstyles. It's easy to make, suits any hair color and texture, and goes well with almost all bridal gowns. LILY can give it an extra touch of romance if fastened from the top of the downdo. 

These were only two of the multiple possible hairstyles you can select for your big day and use TopGracia's stunning headpiece as an embellishment. 


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