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One of the latest wedding trends is decorating it all in violet coloring. This deep blue-based purple hue is simply perfect for as spring so summer celebrations. It's luscious, fresh, and at the same time so sensual and feminine! So, if you expect a fashion-forward wedding day, you can't but incorporate the lavender shade in your wedding decorations and bridal image. Would you like to get to know the potential of purple color for the most important day of your life? 


The price for a set of two hairpins.


A "Violet" Bride

You can have your table centerpieces adorned with purple blooms, or have your altar thoroughly made of small violets. But that all will look incomplete if your wedding look is not a respective one. Far not girls are ready to wear a purple gown on their big day. Agree that it might look awkward. Instead, choosing and incorporating appropriate accessories, you can create the image you crave for. Your bouquet, your groom's boutonniere or even your flower girls might be purple. Yet all that won't be ideal if you don't have an appropriate accessory on you. Especially for such cases, TopGracia has created a charming headpiece AIKA. These tiny violet bridal hair pins are so lovely and so tiny, that they won't burden your image. On the contrary, their light and soft nature will only make you appear more romantic and buoyant during the ceremony. 


AIKA With Great Love by TopGracia

This headpiece was made with one purpose - to make a bride's hairstyle picturesque! Made of top quality fashion jewelry materials, the headpiece appears durable and promises to feel lightweight. Two pretty fabric flowers one in lavender and the other in eggplant hues are surrounded with several branches of metal leaves, round pearls, and tiny clear beads. These violet bridal hair pins are made with silver metal wire. The silver shade looks perfect with the purple flowers.


How to Incorporate AIKA into Your Bridal Hairstyle

Has AIKA already reached you but you can't make out what hairstyle to choose? Let's figure out what you can do with your gorgeous locks and not less gorgeous hair adornment. 

Why not start with a tousled low updo? This is a sheer classic that suits perhaps any gown. Curl your hair, then comb the curls, tousle them and gather into a down-do. Fasten with the violet bridal hair pins so that the flower heads pock out of your hair. 

Another wonderful idea for our romantic brides is to make a halo braid to showcase their signature highlights. If your hair is dyed in balayage or ombre, the hairstyle will look even more charming since all the shades of your hair will be exposed. Fastening AIKA hairpins from the top of your halo braid, you are going to dazzle with your out-of-the-box beauty! 

You see, these little hairpins are a tiny but a versatile headpiece. Walk with fashion trends but look original with AIKA!


The price is for 2 hairpins.


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