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At TopGracia, luxury has many names and one of them is RED. This is one of the latest headpieces made to astonish and amaze any bride irrespective of her presumptions of beauty. At the very first glance, you will fall in love with it and can't imagine your evening look complete without it. RED is made not only for brides with a high sense of taste but also for glamorous ladies wishing to stand out in the crowd in parties. Want to have a closer look at it? Let's do that!


From a Cluster of Materials to a Stunning Headpiece

For constructing RED bridal hair comb, TopGracia picked up only quality jewelry materials. The basis of the hair comb is golden metal. It's gleaming gently and doesn't look pompous. The central two flowers are adorned with bright red rhinestones in marquise cut form. The centerpieces of the blooms are round clear crystals. To both sides from the flowers, crown decorations enrich the flowers.
The comb teeth are sturdy and durable. They won't break easily no matter how elaborate your hairstyle is. From the other side, they feel gentle against head skin and don't scratch or cause any discomfort. You are going to love how it feels in your locks!


Acquire that Luxurious Look No Matter Your Hairstyle

Under any light let that be daylight or electronic, RED wedding hair comb will strike with its exceptional luxury and richness. It's made to beautify any festive look regardless of the hairstyle. This accessory, just as any hair comb, is a versatile hairstyling tool. Even the simplest look can be made deluxe with it! How? Let's get some tips:

Surely, the primary application of RED should refer to brides. You can attach it to your wedding veil thus making it the accent of your bridal appearance.

Do you have short locks yet wish this headpiece to be a part of your bridal appearance? For this, first, use elastic bands and make tiny ponytails in a row in that particular area where RED is going to nestle. After this, gently settle the comb into the bands. This way it will stay secure and hide the elastic bands.


Would you like to have your hair down? RED can still be used. You will need a pincurl. For this, gather some locks from one side of your head and twirl it around your fingers. You will get a small curl. Pin it to your head with the help of a couple of pins to form an X. For extra security, use hair spray. Fasten the hairstyling tool behind the bobby pins.

And finally, perhaps the most common hairstyle women use combs for is an updo in the side or back of the head. The latter can be elegant tight or romantic loose. If your bridal look is light and romantic, curl your hair, sweep it to a low updo with the help of several pins. Then gently nestle the hair comb from the top of the updo. Your "already husband" won't take his eyes from you!


You see there are multiple ways of using RED. Make it a part of your day, and it will make your day!






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