Wedding Hair Piece ZENAIS in Vintage Style: Elegant and Exotic Beauty Combined

More and more loving couples have turned to organize romantic intimate weddings with no guests. Young people like the idea of spending the most important day of their lives together with nobody else that can distract them from their happiness. This is the exact explanation young bride Albertina Lovgren from Sweden stated in her letter when she applied to us with a request to create a bespoke hair adornment in vintage style. Albertina and her fiance were going to secretly leave for the luxury resort Aleenta in Thailand and exchange vows all alone. She liked the idea of walking barefoot on the beach wearing a knee-length bridal gown. Yet she was sure her makeup and hairstyle must be immaculate! She dreamed of creating an image of a vintage romantic bride on the beach! And our duty as professional hair jewelry designers was to make her dream come true!

Designing the Headpiece

When we sat to brainstorm around the design of the headpiece for Albertina, we faced an interesting puzzle to solve: from one side, we had a romantic beach wedding under the gleaming sun of Thailand, while from the other hand we had a Swedish bride with a high sense of elegance. Combining these two important factors, we decided to incorporate lots of crystals that would gently shine under the Thai sun and fulfill the adornment in elegant silver coloring. The composition was to be based on the two parts with a couple of extra accents. The result we imagined was romantic and sophisticated with a vintage accent.



Handcrafting Piece by Piece

Top materials ready, the scheme of the new hairpiece for wedding ready, we passed to the handcrafting work with high spirits. We used high-quality jewelry wire that ensured lightweight, flexible and at the same time highly durable basis for the decoration. Then we created the decoration separately by combining branches of silver metal leaves and enameled flowers. Adding dazzling crystals in marquise cut to gleam in different colors under the sun's rays and little freshwater crystals that would emphasize the beauty of local cerulean seas, we could consider the project completed! To bring all these together, we used premium quality glue specially created for jewelry making.



Now, when the gorgeous headpiece was ready to be delivered to Albertina, all that remained was to give the new accessory a unique name that would sound exotic yet elegant. Zenais, that's the name worth the charming adornment!

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