Picking Up the Right Accessory for Your Sunflower Wedding Theme

Fall weddings have always been actual due to the peculiar charm and luxury of this season. A bride surrounded by golden, red and brown leaves looks especially charming and mysterious. And if you have determined to exchange vows in autumn, it's going to be the most romantic and memorable event of your life! Just make sure you step with the season's beauty. For this, create an awesome fall bride's appearance with the help of the right accessories. If your bridal gown has to be white or ivory, your headpieces can be anything you like! So why not think about a fascinating sunflower bridal hairpiece?! TopGracia has incorporated some of the most beautiful hair decorations perfect for your Fall wedding in this post. Depending on your hairstyle and preferences, pick up any and we shall make sure you get it just in time for your big day!


CALLI - A Bright Sun on Your Hair

Would you like to shine brighter than the sun on your nuptials? Would you like to radiate light and luster? Consider CALLI Rustic Headpiece - a real masterpiece by TopGracia's designers! This is the model you can select almost for any hairstyle. Make an updo and fasten the hair comb on top or fix it from aside of your down-do. If you love your luxury locks cascade down your shoulders and back, make a half updo. CALLI will serve as the main accent of your hairstyle - you will both look gorgeous and feel comfortable. 
Having a big bright sunflower as the centerpiece, the accessory is made up of tiny branches of beaded flowers and round pearls, as well as gently shining metal leaves. The model can be incorporated either in gold or silver hues. Both look uniquely beautiful but equally charming!




Be as Gentle as HYPATIA

For your romantic sunflower wedding theme, we would recommend paying close attention to a gentle thematic headpiece - HYPATIA. This is a one-of-a-kind accessory - a real embodiment of subtlety and brilliance. TopGracia's designers used two sunflowers of different sizes as the model's centerpiece. They are surrounded by delicate branches of polymer clay blooms, clear crystals, and round pearls. The branches of metal leaves are so tiny they seem to be invisible! Yet, they are very durable and flexible. 
Whether you have blonde or dark hair, the headpiece will suit you perfectly! It is so flexible you can use in any way you wish - fasten the accessory on top of your head like a headband, or embellish your down hairdo as a comb. In all cases, you are going to look stunning!




Tiny and Elegant KALLISTRATE Hair Pins

Who said that a hair accessory must be luxurious to catch the eye? If you think so, have a look at KALLISTRATE and you will change your mind. This pair of gentle hairpins will add an elegant appeal to your Fall bridal look. The pins are easy to fix, stay stable yet are so lightweight you won't feel any discomfort. Two little sunflowers surrounded with little round pearls and gleaming golden leaves look perfect in an autumn event. The model is perfect as for bride so bridesmaids, hosts, and even flower girls. So, if you are in a search for a lovely gift for your dear women young and old, KALLISTRATE will be what you need!




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