New Collection Of Wedding Hair Accessories From TopGracia

The wedding is the day of wonders, so is every photo-session we carry out. And now we are ready to slightly open the veil and demonstrate a part of the miracle that's going on behind the curtain!

Once we have a new collection, a new offspring of an inventive mind to show up to the world, we get very excited. Just as we approach every new design with a great tenderness and affection, we invest all our love to the new photo session.

This is our new products:

wedding hair accessories

OLYMPIA (click to see more)


floral hair accessories

ROSE (click to see more)


blush bridal hair flower

DIONA (click to see more)

silk hair flower

OLIA (click to see more)

Actually, this is quite interesting work. We scrupulously prepare every necessary detail in the hall making it an exquisite background for the photos; choose graceful wedding dresses to transfer the femininity of our pretty models; pick up the right makeup to accentuate their natural beauty and add a touch of charm; hire one of the most talented photographers to ensure all the photos are of exceptionally high quality; and invite Lyudmila, our dear hairstylist.

By the way, you can see her working on the hairstyles of our pretty girls in the video. She is a real master and works wonders with their hair! The entire process of photo shooting is very intriguing. For our young models, it is simply a valuable experience.

We invite young and promising models to take part in our photo sessions.

Every girl is a princess in the bottom of her heart. And we give them the unique chance to transform into pure, immaculate brides with the help of our designer Lyudmila. All these girls are absolute sweethearts especially beautified with charming wedding hair accessories. They are like butterflies - given one day of heavenly beauty! Yet, this single day remains in their memories forever. Despite their young age, these girls are real professionals.

However, the agreeable posing for the camera comes from the bottom of their hearts, and not merely their sense of professionalism! And all this due to the friendly relationships established between all of us, our whole staff! TopGracia is a home for all of us. 

Being women ourselves, we know what a bride can expect from her bridal hairstyle - perfection! That's what we strive to express through the product photos. Lyudmila makes different hairstyles for every headpiece to show that each adornment presented in our shop can perfectly go with different bridal images. She creates elegant and romantic, luxurious and extravagant, bohemian-inspired and vintage images for all new hair accessories and proves how versatile they can be! 

Watch the video and get to know what a teamwork, what efforts and emotions stand behind the history of each TopGracia wedding accessory!




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