Amazing Sunflower Wedding Theme Ideas: Fabulous Accessories for Hairstyles by TopGracia

With joyful and sunlit pastels, sunflowers make up one of the most beloved decorations among brides! These bright flowers symbolizing strong bonds and loyalty between two persons are particularly great for summer, autumn, and rustic theme weddings. However, whenever incorporated into one, the blooms instantly become the focal decoration point making anything else around adjust to them. What makes these flowers so grandiose, is that they look ideal surrounded with other blooms and much, much greenery! 

So, if you are considering making your nuptials fabulous, TopGracia has some marvelous ideas how to achieve the goal by applying this cool, fun and bold flower elements.

sunflower bridal flower hairpiece

Sunflower Reception


Start adorning the wedding with the arch. If your basic decor item is the sunflower, then it will be great to opt for a wooden construction. It can be as simple as possible, cause, in all ways, the arch will look fabulous with these yellow blooms fastened to it, on a rustic background. 
The reception decor may also be brightened up with a couple (or many, if you want so) pomanders built of sunflowers. These mood-creating items will look especially grandiose in barn venues. 

Your wedding stationery could also be set in the same style with brown paper invites, RSVP cards, signatures, checklists all having a sign of yellow. 

And the last yet not the least important Fall wedding theme item is the festive cake! Why won't you opt for a naked cake in rustic style with an asymmetric frosting via a bunch of little sunflowers and wild blooms? The whole beauty of such a cake lies in its imperfect layers!

fall wedding with sunflower dekor


The Perfect Bright Bridal Image


Hardly any woman would like to wear a bridal gown in bright yellow or a huge sunflower print on it even if the wedding theme is an appropriate one. Instead, it will be fabulous to opt for appropriate embellishments. Surely, the bridal bouquet should be created with this bloom in mind, yet that won't be enough to set the necessary mood. And if the groom is able to match the mood with a little sunflower boutonniere, the bride may opt for incorporating a stunning accessory into her hairstyle! 

sunflower bridal flower hairpiece fall wedding

HYPATIA Headpiece Crown designed by seasoned TopGracia masters can become your precious! Constructed with two fabric sunflowers (one bigger than the other), golden metal leaves, clear crystals and round tiny pearls all tied up with strong yet bendable jewelry wire, the headpiece will embellish almost any updo! Fasten it as a headband to look stunning from the front, or let it embrace your bun from the bottom to look especially charming from behind. The branches of the accessory are bendable enough to adjust to your hairstyle. 

sunflower wedding hairpiece

sunflower wedding hairpiece fall wedding

sunflower hair accessories boho

sunflower wedding theme rustic

Nevertheless, if you wish to appear in even a more romantic image and plan to make an elaborate bridal braid, KALLISTRATE Autumn Hair Pins are what will work great! These little bridal hair pins will appear so gorgeous incorporated into a long luxury braid! And what updos they make! The gently gleaming golden metal leaves that frame the central sunflowers accentuate the bright color, while the branches of white pearls create an exquisite balance between the yellow and white colors. 

sunflower hair clip

fall wedding sunflowers bridesmaid

sunflower hair clip wedding bridesmaid

Both hair accessories are fantastic for white, ivory, cream, and even champagne and ombre gowns! So, you see what wonderful ideas there are for making your nuptials as chic and dazzling as sunshine!



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