Creating Abri Bridal Floral Hairpiece with Sakura Blooms for a Social Media Influencer

Every time we get an order of a bespoke hair accessory here at TopGracia, we approach it with a high sense of responsibility. We do everything necessary so that to create an awe-inspiring headpiece that will exceed all expectations of our clients as we understand how important it is for every bride to look her best on that big day!

Anyway, from time to time we get extraordinary orders that require a special approach. One of such we received the other day from London, UK. Social media influencer, charming Elizabeth, applied to us with a request to build a lovely bridal hair piece for her upcoming photo-session in the image of a bride. She was collaborating with a designer and was going to promote his wedding dresses. For a complete image she needed something classic yet fashionable, something elegant and lovely. Elizabeth has millions of followers from across the globe. She has the power to influence the taste of so many young girls that we felt responsible to make Elizabeth's image as immaculate as possible. Only this way those girls will remember Liza's image and think wisely about their bridal image once the time comes. With this in our minds, we got to work.

ABRI Flower Hair piece

Matching Different Parts of Elizabeth's Image

When applying to us, Liza had no particular idea what a hair piece to order. She sent us the photo of the dress she was going to wear and the hairstyle she thought would look great with it. The dress to advertise was a sweetheart neckline dress in pure white coloring. Beth was going to make a loose low bun and light makeup. Taking all this into consideration, we immediately thought of a bridal hair crown that could be worn in different ways. Liza could make at least several looks for her photo-session this way. Right for this purpose, we created Abri hair piece with floral accents. All together we pictured Liza an enticing and at the same time a sophisticated bride and we helped her become one. How? 

Designing Abri and Bringing to Life the Concept

Among so many wedding hair accessories that we have designed and built throughout these years, Abri is a unique one. Our little creation was going to be at the sight of millions of women throughout the world! It was going to be discussed, judged and admired just as every piece of Elizabeth's image. 

So, we picked up the best materials we had. We used flexible jewelry wire that could bend the headpiece anyway Liza would like, metallic leaves and flowers, as well as clear rhinestones that shone brighter than stars in the starlit night. The main focus we drew to pretty little acrylic flowers with crystal centerpieces. They succeeded each other in an artistic mess with metal leaves and tiny round crystals gleaming here and there. The result was mesmerizing!

Elizabeth was more than content with the final result, so were we. We felt proud seeing our little Abri gleaming from behind the screen, in the account of such a mega-popular social media influencer as Elizabeth!

P.S. Liza told us she had fallen in love with Abri and was sure it would accomplish her true wedding look once she married.

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