Bring that Winter Fairy Tale to Reality

Have you ever noticed that there is something absolutely adorable about exchanging vows with a gorgeous wintry backdrop? This wedding theme is perhaps the most appropriate for those who are sure there's nothing more romantic than a blanket of snow, nothing more thrilling than seeing the sun rays playing on the pure white snow making it sparkle so beautifully! And let's not forget about the magic feeling of catching light snowflakes with your face, hair, and hands when the camera is on you and your beloved is going to make you his wife for the rest of your life! If right now you felt enthusiastic about appearing to your wedding in the image of the Snow Queen, you are sure to adore the following winter wedding ideas!


Make a Snowy Fairy Tale

Undoubtedly, wedding photos of a winter ceremony taken outdoors promise to be so mysterious and so alluring! But how can you bring the unique beauty of the winter venue indoors?! Due to the skillfully thought-over decorations! To highlight the dance floor or the table for the cake, use a long garland of icicle-like crystals; incorporate plenty of pinecones and candles, as well as glittery details to all the table centerpieces. 

Wedding decors are better to be adorned with soft and lush textures such as chenille, tweed or velvet. For flower accents, you'd better pick up white and blush roses, peonies embellished with some greenery. 
And finally, don't forget about the prominent wedding cake! Make white and silver colors predominate in the cake design. Use snowflakes, cones, red berries and crystals as little accents that will make your winter wedding cake that awesome!


Start with Your Image

Undoubtedly, a wedding ceremony and celebration decorations are crucial for organizing a fabulous winter-theme event! Yet, being in the center of all this, a bride should sparkle particularly brightly on this special day. Fortunately for you, TopGracia is always here to present to your attention some grandiose hair accessories and crystal jewelry pieces to enrich our bridal look!


Bring the Sparkle to Your Hair

GLYKERIA Hair Pins will add a glamorous appeal to your bridal image the moment you fasten them into your hairstyle. The ensemble of tiny gleaming crystals and round pearls simply bewitches! While looking at it under the winter sun will take your breath away! 


crystal_flower bridal_hair_pins


Other gorgeous hairpins designed to perfectly accomplish your winter bride's image are HERMIONE Hair Pins. Unlike the previous model, that dazzles with its luxurious look, HERMIONE hair pins look simple but elegant! They will bring the subtle charm your winter wedding look may luck. 





To expose your lavish locks to the winter sun's beauty, DIANTHE Hair Vine is what you need! The multiple crystals will look like little icicles fallen onto your hair from the sky. While the whole composition will artfully adorn your down hairstyle and make you look worth the Snow Queen! 




For something more exceptional and extravagant, you may as well consider ANDROMEDA Headpiece! The multiple tiny round and marquise-cut rhinestones are entwined into such an intricate pattern that the whole design looks like a huge snowflake landed on your hair. The scene is mind-blowing and is worth admiration!







With any of these amazing hair adornments, you are guaranteed to shimmer like a real diamond surrounded by pure white snow!


Shine Brighter than a Diamond

Who said that the bride's image is complete once she has a marvelous dress and an impressive hairdo with an appropriate accessory?! Jewelry! That's the little thing you might be lacking for looking super-attractive, unique and admirable. And especially for your December sparkle, TopGracia has prepared a collection of jewelry pieces each of which is able to make your winter bridal appearance impeccable! 

If you're going to wear a short-sleeve or sleeveless gown, BARBARA Bracelet will delicately adorn your wrist. Composed of multiple glorious cubic zirconium stones, that form a unique flower composition, the jewelry won't ever fade or lose its charm. 


A wedding gown with an open decollete requires a unique set of jewelry. Pieces that will delicately lie on the gentle feminine skin yet not distract the attention from your pretty face. TopGracia has such a wonder in its collection - MNEME Earrings and a necklace. Designed for a real lady, the jewelry set will look glorious on particularly your winter-themed wedding!




Anyway, if you seek for something less lavish, CHLORIS Crystal Bracelet is at your full disposal. It's a perfect accessory for an elegant bride who prefers the simple to the elaborated, the exquisite to the luxurious. 


The same can be said about KLYTIE Earrings in vintage style. Amazingly lightweight, durable and convenient to wear, these valuable-looking eardrops will become the final touch of your impeccable Snow Queen look!



Any of these amiable crystal bridal hair accessories and jewelry pieces will be perfect for a bride, a bridesmaid, the groom's and bride's mother, and even little charming flower girls!

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