Boho Chic Styling: A Bespoke Hair Vine for a Fascinating Bride

A few months ago, we received an overemotional email from one of the most beautiful brides-to-be we've ever seen Dorothy. From every sentence, every word of her letter love, tender excitement and hope radiated! This young lady addressed to TopGracia from West Chicago, IL, the USA with a request to make a unique headpiece that will perfectly go not only with her marvelous dress in bohemian style, but also her essence and true beauty! At the same time, the headpiece was to be worn in two different ways to suit the two absolutely diverse hairstyles she was going to appear in during the ceremony and the celebration. This was a real challenge that made adrenaline rush through our veins and minds work sharper than before! With that said, the challenge was accepted!


flower hair vine

Flower hair vine DORA



Brainstorming Over the Design


Creating a mind-blowing hair accessory was already the matter of dignity for us. So we started the brainstorming process. Laying romantic girl's photos, as well as those of the gorgeous dress in front of us, we could not but admire how beautiful this girl was with long luxury dark locks and how accurately she chose the dress. This was a classically tailored gown with a body-skimming silhouette covered in lace from the delicate straps to the exquisite train that gave the dress its modern bohemian appearance. We adored the dress just as the amazing hairstyles Dorothy chose for the special day. She was going to make a loose elaborate braid for the ceremony and wanted something that could be entwined with hair for an extra gleam. At the same time, she was going to have her locks in tousled waves for a chic boho look for the celebration. So, we searched inspiration from our long wedding hair accessories to give a breath to something fresh, something ordinary and at the same time enchanting, something strong enough to endure multiple uses and flexible enough to bend any necessary way. And it seemed we got a perfect solution!


silver pearl wedding hair vine


Proceeding to the Creative Work Part


With the goal clarified and the idea already in mind, we passed to scheming the design for a bespoken hair adornment for our customer. We were going to create a sophisticated bridal hair vine that would accomplish Dorothy's bridal look and suit her intrinsic nature. To implement the order, we chose durable yet easily bending silver jewelry wire, gleaming little clear crystals, round pearls, metallic leaves and flowers. The hair vine was to be wrapped around thick braid or entwined in it during the ceremony. During the festive part of the wedding, meanwhile, we advised Dorothy to wear the vine on the forehead with locks laid tousled in waves. This would give a bohemian and somewhat dramatic appeal she desired to create. 
We named the headpiece DORA and it would later become the personification of Dorothy's tender and exquisite bridal image.


wedding wire bridal hair vine

DORA Flower Crystal Bridal Vine is now available to any bride on TopGracia's online store. If you loved this or any other hairpiece, be certain it will be delivered to your place just in time for your big day! Just the same way, we can custom make new and original models especially for you, tailored to your specific requirements. Share your visions with us, send us the photos of your wedding gown and the hairstyle you are going to opt for. And be sure, together we shall bring your impeccable bridal image to life!


flower hair vine


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