7 Adorable Flower Girl Hairpieces - Floral Hair Accessories

Choosing the perfect wedding dress and met with a makeup artist to discuss holiday makeup, do not forget about the hair. Pay special attention to accessories. After all, girls hairpieces can emphasize the tenderness or elegance not only a bride but also bridesmaid and even young flower girls.


ABRI Floral Hairpiece

If you do not know who the flower girl is, we explain – it's a little girl – sister, niece of the bride or groom, or a little daughter of their friends. They are who before the bride come to the altar or flower arch in magnificent dresses. They go along the rows with guests and throws rose petals in front of her basket. In many countries, in most cases, young girls bring their wedding rings.


A moment when children's legs are walking uncertainly or running along the path, and small hands clutching a basket with petals, is really very touching and symbolic. One of the most important and memorable moments of the wedding ceremony - the removal of wedding rings - can also be charged with flower girl. It's so sweet and touching! And the little girl will be very happy that she was entrusted with such a responsible task.


ABRI Flower Hair piece

Whatever image you come up with for a flower girl - an angel, a fairy or just a smart young lady - exquisite flower girls hairpieces will give her extraordinary tenderness and further emphasize her freshness of innocence. Fans of the classical style should pay attention to the decoration in the Greek style. Made with impeccable taste, they will give the image of the fiancée purity and chastity.


  • With SARA Grecian Wedding Tiara a girl will turn into a young Greek goddess. The refined decoration is made of gold-plated metal. As a symbol of tenderness and chastity in exquisite colors used small round pearls.


SARA Grecian Wedding Tiara

  • The soft silks of petals Viktoria  Flower Crown emphasize the incredible flowers done in graceful manner from jewelry to ceramics. Strong jewelry wire allowed to create an elegant floral arrangement. Because of its thinness, the wire seems completely invisible and the whole decoration looks light and weightless.


Viktoria  Flower Crown

  • The secrets of Greek goddesses are woven into the crown of AMARA with Silver Leaf Flower along with a unique floral pattern. Silver-plated leaves mysteriously gleam thanks to the masterfully built-in crystals, which cast on the sides of the rapid reflections. This will not cause trouble all day, as it will not cause the slightest concern due to a tight fit on the head.


AMARA Leaf Wedding Crown

  • Tiara Aglaia With gentle handmade Flowers fully justifies the meaning its name – brilliant, beautiful. Decoration for princess suitable brides seeking  to create a gentle and innocent image. The materials from which this tiara is created are white ivory and flexible jewelry wire, from which leaves and elegant flowers are made. One of the undoubted advantages this hair jewelry – it can be given the desired shape and use both front and back hairstyles.


AGLAIA Wedding Floral Headpiece

Bridesmaids should not ignore their hairstyles. These perfect flower girls hairpieces gently emphasize the delicate beauty of the child or relative of the bride.


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